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The free privacy-focused online search engine DuckDuckGo provides an eerily dream-like experience of privacy-focused searches, with no ads and more secure encryption. Amid breaches, leaks of data, scandals, and increasing concerns about cyberattacks The company is catering to the growing need to be secure.

DuckDuckGo Browser has seen over 50 million downloads of apps with a 55% growth over twelve months, as per the July 2021 report from The search engine as well as its associated tools are other tools that you can include in your privacy toolkit such as Apple’s prompt to unsubscribe from monitoring and the sign-in using Apple option.

Alongside its secure search engine, Duck Duck Go also offers a privacy browsing application that works on iOS and Android as well as an extension for Chrome. If you don’t want to download the extension or app then visit duck go Browser and run your search there. Learn how to use the DuckDuckGo app on your mobile or browser.

How do I download and install DuckDuckGo Browser for Android

1. Start Google Play Store. 2. Open the Google Play Store app.2. Search DuckDuckGo.
3. Choose Duck Duck Go Browser Privacy.
4. Tap Install.
5. Tap Open.
6. DuckDuckGo will ask if wish to choose Google Chrome or Duck Duck Go as your default browser. Select which you would like to use and then tap Set As Default.

After that, DuckDuckGo Browser will ask you to conduct a quick search, which is a guide. I went to a clothing shop I frequented and DuckDuckGo immediately informed the store that they had disabled two advertising trackers. It also provides the score DuckDuckGo Browser awarded the website you’ve accessed, the number of trackers that were removed, whether the connection is secure, and what the website’s privacy policies are.

Click the flame icon right next to the search bar to wipe all personal data that is vulnerable out of your browser tabs. Tap Clean All Tabs as well as Data to “burn” out your personal information.

How do I install DuckDuckGo Browser for your iPhone

1. Open the App Store.
2. Search DuckDuckGo.
3. Choose DuckDuckGo Browser Privacy.
4. Tap Get.
5. Input the Apple ID password or confirm the download using Touch ID or Touch ID.
6. Tap Open.
7. DuckDuckGo will ask if would like to set DuckDuckGo Browser your default browser. Choose Set As Default or Skip.

Then, DuckDuckGo Browser will redirect you to your Settings app to make any additional adjustments and to check what information the program has access to. You can select your default browser application to switch from Safari and change it to DuckDuckGo Browser here too.

Once you’ve configured your settings in the way you’d like them to be After that, you’re able to open the app and begin searching. While I was on, Duck Duck Go reported that it blocked more than 30 trackers. Additionally, the app offered a privacy rating for the website along with the option of deleting personal information from the browser by clicking on an icon that resembles fire.

DuckDuckGo Browser and Siri

Under the tab for DuckDuckGo Browser in Settings You can view what the app can perform using Siri as well as your search requests. You can select whether or not you would like Siri to take information from your DuckDuckGo searches and make suggestions for you. You can also allow you to allow the DuckDuckGo application and content to be displayed in search results and also allow the suggestions, content, and recommendations taken from DuckDuckGo Browser as well as Shortcuts that the application can use to show up within Search as well as widgets. If you do not have Siri turned on, it’s not something to be concerned about.

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How do I set up it? DuckDuckGo Browser Chrome extension

On the Duck Duck Go website, there is a choice to connect this private search engine to Chrome is located just below the bar for searching.

1. Open DuckDuckGo Browser in a Google Chrome browser.
2. Click the Add Duck Duck Go to Google button. This will take your browser to Chrome Web Store.
3. Select to click the Add to Chrome button at the top right corner.
4. Duck DuckGo will ask you if would like to add privacy Essentials. This gives Duck Duck Go Browser the ability to block ads-trackers and keep your search history private. If you are adamant about this, then select Add Extension.
5. You’ll be directed to a page that says the extension has been installed successfully. DuckDuckGo Browser will also offer options to install private software on mobile devices.
6. If you’re all set Click Start Searching, and you’ll be directed to the main search bar.

If you open an entirely new tab or window on Chrome the DuckGo app will show up in place of the Google search bar.

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